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Why Mavens for Business ?

Designed for You

Every business is unique - with specific needs and goals. We’re here to design specialized learning programs to ensure that you meet them.

The Long Game

Continuous learning is our answer to the future of work. We’re the learning partner that takes your workforce from where they are to where they want to be - especially if the journey is far.

Oversee & Assess

WIth access to your workforce’s list of trainings, performance and progress, you can observe strengths and gaps and help fulfill their potential.

Trusted by the established brands

How do I pay?

Businesses can pay via online transfer.

Can I pay later?

Yes - businesses can be issued an invoice after the class takes place.

Do you offer non-business classes?

Yes - we have classes on mental health, language, health and safety and many more. Classes can be designed for your specific needs and goals.

What else is included in the classes?

If the class features any powerpoint slides, files etc, it will be shared with the students.

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